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    COVID-19: Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Shop Local in Wilmington, NC

    WilmingtonVisior.com's staff hopes you and your family are safe and healthy through this global pandemic. The international crisis that is COVID-19 has now...

    Carolina Beach Boardwalk Rides Return For 2021

    CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WilmingtonVisitor.com) — As a result of the pandemic, the Carolina Beach boardwalk amusement park was gone for 2020 Summer. The rides were a big attraction and are returning...

    Shot In Wilmington: USS Christmas – Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

    https://youtu.be/Zt9sjIote_4 Living or vacationing in Wilmington, NC you get used to seeing filming locations pop up frequently. 2020 was no exception with the filming of a new...

    New Book: Wilmington’s Lie

    After the Civil War, Wilmington, North Carolina prospered. It was the state’s largest city, with a busy port and a mixed race community that featured a burgeoning black middle class. But in 1898, a group of white supremacists decided to do something to turn back the page.

    Wilmington Live Music Finder

    Find local live music and track your favorite bands The WilmingtonVisitor.com Live Music Finder lets you discover live shows, concerts and performances in...

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