pastedGraphic.png‘s staff hopes you and your family are safe and healthy through this global pandemic. The international crisis that is COVID-19 has now impacted everyone for an unexpended period of time and we send our love and best wishes to our surrounding community. Throughout this crisis, on top of your own responsibilities, we ask that you remember Downtown Wilmington’s small businesses!

Small business owners are only a small sector of society that have been impacted by COVID-19 related closures, but the impact the crisis has had on their passion and their business model is incredibly daunting. If shopping in Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach or shopping local in downtown Wilmington is not high on your radar, here are a few things to consider – especially with the upcoming 2020 holiday season:

Did you know that for every $100 you spend at a local Wilmington area business, an extra 25% of that money is kept within the community? That’s $68 to the local community versus $43 per every $100 spent at a big box or chain store! That’s right when you shop at Blue Moon an extra $25 goes right back into the community. And by shopping at local businesses, you also support the ancillary supporting local businesses.

Shop local.

Never stop supporting local Wilmington area businesses. Even with Covid still on the minds of many and the pandemic may limit your ability to shop in person. There is an easy answer, many of Downtown Wilmington’s and the beach community’s businesses are tirelessly working to provide you with delivery services, online shopping options, and updates, classes, and tutorials on their social medias.

Driving to downtown Wilmington is quick and easy and so is parking. There are three, easy-to-find multi-story parking decks and several public and private lots within three blocks either side of Market Street.  And, the first hour of parking in the decks is FREE! Thereafter, it is only $1.00 per hour up to an $8.00 maximum.

Once you’ve parked, downtown Wilmington has lots to offer within a relative small area: more than 130 unique shops; around 80 superb dining establishments; approximately 40 friendly bars; more than 40 attractions and over 200 other services.

Being locally owned and operated, these businesses are an integral part of our community. The people operating these downtown businesses offer a more personalized service and work hard to provide jobs that fuel our economy. Distinctive products and services make shopping local a fun experience you won’t find elsewhere.

Shopping small and investing locally throughout the holiday season and beyond strengthens our community and has an economic impact that extends far beyond downtown Wilmington.

So, make your life easier—shop small and shop local in downtown Wilmington!


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